72-Hour UniHeat Heat Pack: Add-On To Your Plant Order For Cold Weather Shipping


Please do not purchase a heat pack for shipping springtails! Our springtails are very cold hardy but do not like being very hot. They are more likely to overheat with a heat pack. If your area is experiencing extremely cold temps (ie. low teens to single digits) and you need springtails ASAP for your froglets, please contact us. Thank you!


If you purchase a heat pack, it will be used in the package you receive. Please only purchase this item to add on to your live plant orders!

Please note that using a heat pack does NOT guarantee healthy arrival of plants, if the temperature requirements are not met or your package stays in transit for more than 3 days.

Click here for more information on our shipping policies and healthy arrival guarantee.



We are located in Southwestern Virginia, 24202. For live plant orders, our standard shipping option is USPS Priority Mail (2 to 3-day service with tracking). An upgrade to USPS Priority Mail Express (1 to 2-day service with tracking) is also available as an add-on. Click here to upgrade.


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