Begonia dodsonii ‘Crispa’


You will receive 2 fresh tip cuttings with no less than 7-8 leaves each in an 8 oz deli cup with sphagnum moss.

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Native to: Ecuador

Begonia dodsonii ‘Crispa’ is a beautiful Gobenia section species. The leaves are dark green to olive green with an iridescent sheen, maroon underside and little trichomes. It will climb and trail in the vivarium, filling in your background nicely. The leaves have reached about 2″ long in our experience.

Begonia dodsonii ‘Crispa’ has been surprisingly easy for us to root in vivarium conditions, compared to similar Gobenia section Begonias which can be finicky and melt quickly. Place it on damp sphagnum moss, keep the humidity high but let the leaves dry after misting by providing ventilation.


Please feel free to message us if you have any concern or question about rooting a cutting.



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