Live Liverwort #1


You will receive a 2″ diameter portion growing in a 9 oz drinking cup, similar to the ones in the photographs. The cup might contain minute amounts of other mosses or liverworts.

Upon receipt of your liverwort, please spritz it with distilled water, and keep it in terrarium conditions with high humidity and low to medium light, until you use it. If you leave some of it in the cup after use, it can slowly grow back and spread into a mat again.

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Native to: Unknown

This low growing liverwort is one of our favorite things that we grow in our vivaria. It stays low and spreads over the surface without taking over small plants and getting “messy”. It grows well on driftwood, cork bark, sphagnum moss, and other moist background materials. This liverwort looks best grown under low to medium light and doesn’t tolerate drying out in our experience. The bright green mat it forms is just stunning.

To plant this liverwort, pinch off small portions and place it on the surface, sometimes gently pressing it to make sure it stays on. Using a bit of sphagnum moss will help keep it from drying out easily. We like planting it in small patches (dime size or so) on multiple spots in the vivarium. Small patches seem to spread more efficiently than starting with larger patches.







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