Macodes petola


You will receive a rooted plant similar to the one in the photographs. The pots in the photos are 2 inches at the top, for scale. Ships in the pot.

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Native to: Southeast Asia

Macodes petola has some of the most spectacular foliage of any vivarium plant. The high contrast light on dark patterning resemble lightning bolts running across the surface of the leaves. Macodes is one of a handful of genera of terrestrial orchids grown primarily for their foliage instead of their blooms. Macodes petola has a clumping growth habit with individual stems usually reaching 5-6 inches in height. Though the foliage is the main appeal, this jewel orchid will produce a tall inflorescence covered in small reddish blooms. Its high humidity and low light requirements make Macodes petola an ideal specimen for the vivarium. We have found that it does well even in the very low-light conditions at the bottom of taller vivaria, as long as it receives sufficient moisture.

Please be extra gentle when unpotting this species for transplanting. It has stubby roots that are rather brittle.






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