Marcgravia sp. umbellata ‘Red’


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Native to: Ecuador

Marcgravia sp. umbellata ‘Red’ is a stunning shingling species. It showcases a gradation of colors which contrasts beautifully with white venation if grown under moderate lighting. The new growth starts off reddish and gradually turning green as it matures. It can also produce green new growth under different conditions. In our experience, if the light is too bright, the new growth will be light pink which quickly turns light green, with venation not as clear and visible. Requires moderate to high humidity.


To get a cutting started, keep the underside of the plant in contact with damp substrate like sphagnum moss, without covering the entire stem. It will root well into substrates like ABG or potting mix, but we recommend using sphagnum moss along with it to keep the plant from drying out.

Please feel free to message us if you have any concern or question about rooting a cutting.



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