Monolena sp. ‘Ecuador’


You will receive a rooted plant similar to those in the photographs. The pots in the photos are 2.5 inches at the top, for scale. Ships in the pot.

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Native to: Ecuador

Monolena sp. ‘Ecuador’ is a beautiful vivarium suitable plant that thrives in high humidity. The glossy leaves start out copper to maroon and slowly turn deep green, while the underside remains bright red/deep pink. It blooms with pink and white flowers and self-seeds. We like to plant Monolena species on the floor of our vivaria, but they actually grow epiphytically in the wild. This species can get large once established. Make sure to provide enough room when planting in a vivarium. In our experience, it has produced leaves as large as 6-7″ in the vivarium. Our frogs seem to enjoy and frequent the “platforms” provided by Monolena leaves. Requires high humidity.

As this species is particularly temperamental when disturbed, we only guarantee healthy arrival of the caudex under our healthy arrival guarantee policy. Monolena species can be very finicky when adapting to a new environment. They may drop foliage during shipping or when transplanted, but under the right condition (lots of moisture!), they will put out new leaves again.



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