Oophaga histrionica ‘Blue’


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Large Oophaga such as O. histrionica ‘Blue’, by their nature are not prolific breeders, and we may only occasionally have these frogs available in small quantities.

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Oophaga histrionica ‘Blue’ are found in the Colombian lowlands on the Pacific side of the Andes range. This frog is unique in being the only locale of histrionica and one of the only large obligates in the hobby to have significant amounts of blue coloration. As with all Oophaga, O. histrionica ‘Blue’ offspring are raised by the parents in bromeliad axils or other small pools of water. Eggs are laid on leaves or in provided artificial sites and then tadpoles are transported to pools where the female will deposit eggs as a food source.

As with other Oophaga histrionica, the ‘Blue’ locale can be highly variable in pattern. Some frogs may have blue only on the sides and some may have full stripes of blue across the body, while yet others may have less symmetrical patterns such as swirls or partial stripes. The darker coloration of younger frogs typically gives way to a warmer bronze/beige color as the frog ages. These frogs are, as with other Oophaga species, best kept in pairs. Larger numbers kept together can result in stress and aggression.



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