Oophaga histrionica ‘Red Head’ (Large Form / Tesoros)


We are currently offering a free springtail culture on calcium clay per frog on all frog orders. For example, if you purchase 3 frogs, we will ship you 3 cultures for free. Springtail cultures will ship separately via USPS Priority Mail and we will also cover the shipping cost (for the cultures). Our LAG policy also applies to these complimentary cultures.

Large Oophaga by their nature are not prolific breeders, and we may only occasionally have these frogs available in small quantities.

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Availability: 1 Male (frog pictured in 1st and 2nd photos) 



Oophaga histrionica ‘Red Head’ are found in the Pacific lowland region of Colombia. ‘Red Heads’ have long been considered a locale of the species O. histrionica, and I’ve kept them labeled as such on this site to avoid confusion, however more recent taxonomic revisions have seperated ‘Red Heads’ into the species Oophaga anchicayensis. These are considered a large obligate species meaning that the tadpoles are obligate egg feeders and must be left in the tank to be tended and fed by the mother frog – similar to O. pumilio, only “large”.

O. histrionica ‘Red Head’ is an iconic and beautiful dart frog. Individuals can be highly variable in color and pattern. Some may have very large yellow and orange splotches, others may have very fine reticulations. Typically this pattern overlays a background of duller red toward the posterior end, shifting to a brighter red toward the head. Like other obligates, these frogs are best kept in pairs, or possibly a female heavy trio if ample space is provided and the owner is very observant for signs of stress or aggression.




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