Peperomia emarginella


You will receive rooted vines growing in a 9 oz drinking cup, similar to the ones in the photographs.

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Native to: Central and South America

Peperomia emarginella is a tiny vine that forms a mat. Our original specimen was sold as “Peperomia emarginella” with no specific locality. The extremely small leaves look like two round leaves merged into each other. On a closer look, you will notice fine hair and lime green venation on the green leaves. We like to plant it on a driftwood or background high off the ground, so that it trails down beautifully. The leaves are delicate and easy to break off; you may lose a few leaves when unpacking and planting it. Peperomia species could grow back from one leaf so don’t throw away fallen leaves!


To get a cutting started, keep the underside of the vine in contact with a damp substrate like sphagnum moss, without covering the entire stem. Requires high humidity.

Please feel free to message us if you have any concern or question about rooting a cutting.




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