RESCUE Philodendron verrucosum (Standard Form) for Propagation


These cuttings have imperfections, but they will be perfect if you’re looking to propagate into multiple plants or plant in your vivarium!

You will receive a fresh tip cutting with at least 3 leaves/nodes. The photos may not be of the exact plants but are examples of what they look like. These cuttings are sold as “rescue” or “rehab” plants. Imperfections include the following:

🌱 The cuttings have smaller leaves
🌱 Some are leggy
🌱 The leaves have blemishes or yellowing
🌱 The leaves have damage from snails or too much light
🌱 The leaves didn’t unfurl fully
🌱 The leaves are crumpled
🌱 The tip was cut off for propagation before but the lower node has produced a new growth tip with a fully unfurled leaf

All the cuttings are otherwise healthy and will have some aerial roots. They are imperfect mostly because they get cramped and grow over one another as they grow larger in our propagation bins. With ample room along with high humidity and moderate lighting, they will start producing clean leaves again. Our original (Mother) plant growing inside a vivarium has produced leaves up to 7-8″ long.

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Native to: Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

Philodendron verrucosum is a stunning vining species that grows well in the vivarium. This is a very popular plant both as a vivarium and house plant, with beautiful coloration on the leaves and the fuzzy petioles that develop on larger, more established specimens. It can get quite big – our mother plants growing in our 34″ tall vivaria have produced leaves up to 7-8″ long. Regular trimming will keep it small for a vivarium. Requires moderate to high humidity – may be slowly acclimated to somewhat drier conditions.


To get a cutting started, keep the node in contact with damp substrate like sphagnum moss, without covering the entire stem. It will root well into substrates like ABG or potting mix, but we recommend using sphagnum moss along with it to keep the plant from drying out.

Please feel free to message us if you have any concern or question about rooting a cutting.




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