Solanum sp. ‘Panama’


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Native to: Panama?

Solanum sp. ‘Panama’ has foliage that ranges from reddish olive to dark bronze to dark purple – depending on the lighting and the stage of growth – with lighter colored venation. We couldn’t find much information about this interesting vine but it has a similar appearance and growth habit to Solanum evolvulifolium. The leaves can reach over 3″ long on well established plants but often stay smaller when the plant is started from a cutting. This species can be slow and challenging to grow at first, but once it’s established it will thrive, climbing and trailing all over the vivarium.

In our experience, Solanum sp. ‘Panama’ always drops all the foliage when started from fresh stem cuttings. As long as the stem is kept moist with damp sphagnum moss, it will push out new growth, often with multiple growth tips. Once it’s acclimated, it will grow quickly.


As this species is particularly sensitive to disturbance, we only guarantee healthy arrival of the stem under our healthy arrival guarantee policy. Please understand before purchasing that your cutting might arrive with some or all of the leaves dropped. This does not mean you received a dead plant; the stem is very resilient and it will put out new growth/leaves if kept on damp sphagnum with medium to high light.


To get a cutting started, keep the underside of the vine in contact with a damp substrate like sphagnum moss, without covering the entire stem. Requires high humidity.

Please feel free to message us if you have any concern or question about rooting a cutting.


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