Southern Magnolia Leaf Litter – Large Box (FREE SHIPPING)


Dry southern magnolia leaves will ship in a 12 x 11 x 8” box that holds roughly 4.9 gallons. 1 gallon covers an entire 18×18” area in a thick layer.

Please note: They will have imperfections – may be slightly dirty, broken, have holes, and contain small amounts of debris. We recommend heat treating them before placing them in a vivarium.

The size of the leaves ranges from about 3” to 8”, most of them being 6-7” in length with the stem.

Of course, our magnolia leaves are harvested from a pesticides/herbicides/fungicides free environment.

This product ships free.



Dried southern magnolia leaves are perfect as leaf litter in the vivarium. The thick leaves hold up well under high humidity and decompose slowly.

Magnolia is our preferred leaf litter as the relatively large leaves create lots of gaps and voids which provide smaller frogs with tons of space to hide and forage for flies and springtails. Some of our Ranitomeya species also lay eggs on the leaf litter. Leaf litter in general is a very important component in any dart frog vivarium, as it provides frogs with a drier surface above a moist substrate and can help prevent infection.

We have sorted through the leaves we harvested and removed as much debris as we can, but they have not been washed. They may be slightly dirty, have some broken edges or holes, and/or contain some small amount of debris like grass clippings.  (Please see photos for a good representation of leaves you will receive.)   We recommend heat treating them before placing them in a vivarium.  To do this, we usually bake them in the oven – for at least 30-40 minutes at 270-275F.  Boiling is also an option.


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