Calcium Bearing Clay Substrate

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Calcium bearing clay stubstrate comes in pellet form and is a great way to supply extra calcium and minerals for your frogs.

Sold by the pound.

1 pound will cover an area of approximately 8 by 8 inches.

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Calcium Bearing Clay Substrate is believed to be of benefit to dendrobatids (dart frogs) by supplying an environmental source of calcium and other trace minerals. This can be especially important for smaller species and froglets who are not large enough to reliably or consistently take fruit flies dusted with calcium supplements. The clay is NOT a substitute for proper calcium/vitamin supplementation.

Compared to the powder form of calcium clay that we also sell, this pellet form offers better drainage and more surface area for microfauna like springtails to thrive on. (Yes, you can also use the pellets as your springtail culture media.)

For your frogs to gain the benefit of the calcium clay, you will only need to use a thin layer as the surface of your substrate. Above the drainage layer, we usually start with another substrate like Turface, and put a thin layer calcium bearing clay on top. Then cover with plenty of leaf litter. Larger leaves such as magnolia work well as they leave plenty of gaps and voids to allow the frogs access down to the clay surface. You don’t necessarily need to cover the entire footprint of the vivarium. Though plants will readily root into the clay, we still use a handful of ABG around our terrestrial plant roots. Some frog keepers use the clay in smaller patches in vivaria and grow-outs.

Note: The calcium bearing clay is non-fired clay. It is different from fired clay like Leca or Turface. Calcium bearing clay will come dry, but it will get soft once you add water to it, which allows the calcium and mineral content to remain mobile and accessible to microfauna and frogs. Try not to touch or disturb the clay once it is wet and soft.  If handled too much, the clay can lose it’s pellet form and it’s ability to drain efficiently.

How much calcium bearing clay do I need? 1 pound of clay pellets will cover an 8″ x 8″ area. For example, you will need 5 pounds of clay if you want to cover an entire 18″ x 18″ footprint.


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  1. 5 out of 5


    Great product, ordered from overseas as-well and got it really fast.
    Fantastic customer service!

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