Peperomia antoniana ‘Green’


You will receive a rooted plant growing in a 9 oz drinking cup, similar to the ones in the photographs.

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Native to: Peru

Peperomia antoniana ‘Green’ is a small species that forms a bush. Round, green, white-speckled leaves will reach about 3/4 of an inch in diameter, probably larger.  The stems are sturdy enough to grow upright and branch out to form a bushy structure. This species has been an easy grower for us, both terrestrially and epiphytically. P. antoniana ‘Green’ is a very attractive little plant that will brighten up your vivarium.

Like other small Peperomia species, the leaves of P. antoniana ‘Green’ are delicate and easily broken off, so you may lose a few leaves when unpacking and transplanting it. However, this species often grows back from one leaf so don’t throw away fallen leaves! Just place a leaf on damp sphagnum moss and it may soon take root.




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