Philodendron werneri ‘rotonda’

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You will receive a rooted plant similar to (or larger than) the one in the photographs, with at least 3 leaves. The pot in the photos are 2 inches at the top, for scale. Ships in the pot.

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Native to: Ecuador

Philodendron werneri ‘rotonda’ is a smaller vining species that does very well in the vivarium. It stays on the small side with leaves not reaching much more than a few inches. The newer foliage has a blueish/silvery sheen with a peach underside. Requires high humidity.



1 review for Philodendron werneri ‘rotonda’

  1. 5 out of 5

    Audra Puchalski (verified owner)

    Received a beautiful specimen with 9 or 10 leaves. I would say the colors in the photo (on my screen) are pretty accurate to the plant. Super securely packed—it was a delicate operation to extract it, but it arrived safe and healthy. So happy I chose this one. Thank you so much!

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